Aelod Seneddol yn ceisio newid cylchfa melinau gwynt

Now that the proposed Bryn Llewellyn wind farm will not go ahead, local Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards is taking steps to ensure the protection of Mynydd Llanllwni from any future development.

TAN 8The Welsh Government’s Technical Advice Note (TAN) 8 outlines on a series of maps where the Welsh government considers it suitable to erect wind turbines.

Given that the Planning Inspectorate has reported and backed the planning committee’s decision to refuse planning permission for a wind farm, Jonathan Edwards says the natural asset that is Mynydd Llanllwni needs to be protected.

The Plaid Cymru MP has this week written to the Welsh Government requesting that the TAN 8 policy is amended, and the Bryn Llewellyn site is no longer considered as an appropriate place for future wind farm development.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Working with constituents, Rhodri Glyn Thomas and I have campaigned for several years to see the TAN 8 policy updated.  It is now 9 years old and does not account for growth in both size and scope of wind turbines or the noise they produce.

“The Local Planning Authority, the Planning Inspectorate and the Welsh Government all now agree that Mynydd Llanllwni is an unsuitable site for the development of wind turbines.  

“While we continue to work to see the TAN 8 policy updated properly, I believe the Welsh government should reflect the comprehensive case made by the Planning Inspectorate and amend the policy to remove Mynydd Llanllwni as an appropriate site to erect wind turbines.

“Doing this would protect the beautiful natural asset that we’re so fortunate to have on our doorstep.”



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